Who we are?

  • Neos Pharma is an Egyptian company specialized in Marketing high quality pharmaceuticals and health care products.
  • The Company was founded in 2019 in Cairo -the capital of Egypt- by Hisham Aggour (PharmD, PhD) and Ahmed Yehia (PharmD, MBA). Neos Pharma will manage to position itself at the vanguard of the pharmaceutical and health care sector in Egypt and the Middle East.
  • A great deal of Neos prospected success is attributed to its Board whom are; leading diversified experts in the health care industry. All employees from various scientific walks are systematically kept updated by means of training programs to ensure ongoing development.


“Neos … To become a key player in Egyptian and Middle Eastern health care markets by capturing a substantial market share so maximizing value for our partners, customers, workers and owners”


“Neos … To alleviate pain and improve quality of human life through marketing value-added pharmaceutical products in all therapy fields at affordable prices while ensuring highest quality to maximize patient relief and satisfaction”

Our Philosophy

  • Neos Pharma is serving customers with Qualitative, Effective, and Well-on-Time deliveries of our products.
  • The Company always places the customer at its core (who should be able to access and afford our products anywhere). For us at Neos this is a true benchmark of excellence, and the only thing that really matters.
  • One of the core values of Neos is that we conduct our business consistent with all applicable laws, and are honest in our dealings with customers, employees, partners, suppliers, and the community.
  • Consistent with this value, Neos is committed to establishing and maintaining an effective and comprehensive compliance program.
  • Neos Policy will always remain a living entity, constantly changing to meet the rising demands of the market and the business environment.
  • These are all followed by a strict program of adherence and compliance through:
    1. Leadership and Structure
    2. Written Standards
    3. Education and Training
    4. 4Internal Lines of Communication
    5. Auditing and Monitoring
    6. Responding to Potential violations/errors
    7. Corrective Action Procedures

An Awesome Team

People at Neos Pharma are highly trained professionals, skilled in many different disciplines. The Passion represents their commitment to the job they do, the products they adopt, and the services they provide.

Dr. Hisham A. Aggour

Chairman & CEO
  • PharmD, PhD
  • More than 35 years, hands-on experience in major functional areas in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Worked actively in three marketplaces (Egypt-Gulf-USA); private, institution and government sectors.
  • Have excellent experience in senior level planning, administrating and directing business operations with full P&L Responsibility.
  • Have extended experience in recruiting, training, developing and supervising high performance teams to meet Business goals.
  • Expert in optimizing workload, maximizing productivity, managing business performance and resources.
  • Experienced in working with companies from North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Dr. Ahmed Y. Rashed

Chief Operating Officer
  • PharmD, MBA
  • A dynamic Pharmaceutical Professional with 25 years of high caliber career in business development, sales, marketing and new product launches in the Middle East.
  • The comprehensive capabilities cover developing effective marketing strategies and annual business plans aligned to the overall corporate objectives,leading and motivating teams in meeting/exceeding targets, building lasting professional relationships with medical professionals and other stakeholders facilitating building and maintaining predominant market positions.
  • Ex employers: Pfizer, Lundbeck, IBSA, other Egyptian companies.

Passion for Quality Life

  • As an insightful pharmaceutical company, NEOS Pharma has its own definition of excellence. It originates from our deep understanding of our patients’ needs and runs all the way to post-marketing vigilance and support.
  • For Neos Pharma, Passion is the core for Quality Life.
  • Passion for Quality Life for us means providing quality for patients’ life with Passion.
  • People at Neos Pharma are highly trained professionals, skilled in many different disciplines. The Passion represents their commitment to the job they do, the products they adopt, and the services they provide.
  • It is a unique approach with unique benefits.